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Micro cold forming is a method of forging that utilizes a metal blank shaped at near room temperature into a useable form. It is a popular option for micro metal parts projects that require micro manufacturing.

Micro Cold Forming Parts

There is a range of advantages of micro cold forming. Utilizing the technique in your manufacturing process can help you reduce waste, save money and create complex geometries with metals and alloys not conducive to other forging techniques.

Through complex machines that operate at high speeds and tremendous pressures, metal blanks are shaped into components using dies. Single dies have applications for many components and help maintain product consistency. Cold forming and cold heading manufacturing are extremely flexible processes, allowing for the creation of multifaceted parts. If you are seeking to create components with a wide range of geometries, but are micro manufacturing or using difficult alloys, cold forming allows you achieve your goals through part transfer and multiple dies.

Micro cold forming also offers versatility for many different metals and alloys. In many cases, micro cold forming is the only option for projects that require precious alloys. If the alloy you want to use is considered to be “too gummy” for normal machining — such as gold, nickel, silver or tantalum — and the design is micro, then your only option for bringing the product to life may be micro cold forming.

At China Jiangsu International Group, we perform micro cold forming utilizing precious metal and traditional alloys. Similar to our traditional cold forming process, our micro cold forming process is less expensive than conventional forging with almost 100 percent material yield. There is almost no scrap leftover. When you are working with precious metal alloys, “no scrap” is essential to protecting your bottom line. You’ll spend less over time while also keeping your carbon footprint down.